YouTube Coins – (Media Script + Points System)

This script allows users to upload youtube videos and earn coins via viewing videos (Edit setting to change the
amount of coins on register,login,viewing and add new video).
to highlight your video you have to buy the first location (For Example 10 coins) and you can change this amount 10
coins from admin/setting

Got Issue ?

Add it here so we can track it and fix asap

Demo Account Information


username: [email protected] & password: 123456

Admin Account Information


username: [email protected] & password: 123456


YouTube Coins – (Media Script + Points System):
It has been built from scratch with features and performance in mind.
With this awesome script you are able to build your youtube media website in under 3 minutes using the super easy
and simple installer.
its allow users to get much more viewing to there youtube videos.

  • Seo Friendly. 
  • buy coins via paypal
  • Sign In via Facebook
  • Sign In via Google
  • Open Graph Protocol
  • Pretty Points System with full admin controll
  • Add your custom css code.
  • Customize Your Site logo.
  • Customize Your Favorite icon.
  • Customize Your watermark icon.
  • Customize Website seo keywords,description and Page title.
  • Customize Website name.
  • Customize Points Setting
  • Users can Add youtube video.
  • Smart Upgrade button
  • Super Easy Install & Full Customization.
  • Allows Logging In & Sign up.
  • Allows Logging In via google account.
  • Change ui theme with 4 themes .
  • User Accounts.
  • Power Full Admin Controls.
  • 100% Responsive.
  • Friendly Interface.
  • Regular Updates.
  • Support Ads (Adsense,adchoice and any html code you need or images).
  • Add languages.
  • delete users video from the admin account.
  • Codeigniter v3.1.10
  • uikit-2.20.2
  • Register Users
  • Advertising ready
  • View Youtube,vimeo,dailymotion Videos or images and earn Coins
  • Reorder users video according to the coins in balance
  • Manage users: Allows you to manage registered users.
  • Manage videos: Allows you to manage videos Written
    users (active and delete).
  • Edit css file
  • Manage Languages.
  • And much, much more

Customer Reviews

youtube coins custommer reviews
YouTube Coins - (Media Script + Points System) - 1
YouTube Coins - (Media Script + Points System) - 2


Update 2.0.2

  • Fix the upload youtube video bug
  • Some preformance improvments
  • Update 2.0.1

  • Add PHP 7 Support
  • Fix Bugs
  • Update 2.0.0 (16-07-2019)

  • add docker
  • update to mysqli driver
  • update mysql to mysqli
  • add composer.json
  • add .gitignore
  • add behavior test to check all the system after every update
  • upgrade codeigniter to version 3.1.10
  • refactor & clean all source code
  • full refactor to the installer it’s now normal controller
  • fix video timer && remove flat rtl
  • Update 1.6.1

  • fix infinite redirect on installer
  • improve notification animation
  • Update 1.6

  • Added maintenance and demo Mode (Just edit the index.php file to enable or disable)
  • Added the main contact email in admin setting
  • Added the Viewed flag to present the viewed videos for users
  • Added Check the video thumb url if not exist will ignore and not preview in the home grid
  • Fixed the default width and height for any image to be (275X206)
  • Fixed Correct the sitting view file name to be setting
  • Fixed remove un used embedded javascript from the add video page
  • Improved the How it works link style to be button
  • Improved the videos in language link style to be button
  • Improved the script performance
  • Update 1.5

  • Added support to add Vimeo videos
  • Added support to add DailyMotion videos
  • Added support to add any image url
  • make the recaptcha setup from admin
  • Improved the script performance
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Update 1.4

  • make the buy coins button appears on mobile menu
  • make the recaptcha setup from admin
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Update 1.3

  • Added captcha to ensure that the viewer not robot (Must check to earn coins)
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Update 1.2

  • Added Sign In via Facebook
  • Added Edit facebook Api setting from admin
  • Improved style for sign in with google button
  • Improved the script performance
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Update 1.1

  • buy coins via paypal
  • Edit paypal setting from admin
  • Improved the script speed performance
  • fixed some bugs
  • Requeriments

    • Operating System : Linux
    • Web Server : Apache
    • PHP version 5.4 or newer is recommended.
      It should work on 5.2.4 as well, but we strongly advise you NOT to run such old versions of PHP, because of
      potential security and performance issues, as well as missing features.
    • PHP mod_rewrite Enabled
    • MySQL 4.1 or later, MySQL 5.x for best performance.
    • GD Lib

    Technologies Used:

    • Codeigniter v2.2
    • Jquery
    • Google login Api





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    as of April 23, 2021
    Last Update April 11, 2021, 5:20 am
    Categories Images-and-media, Php-scripts
    High Resolution Yes
    Compatible Browsers IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
    Software Version PHP 7.x, PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x