Pizza Shop Restaurant – Pizza Ordering System Software

Overview & Features:

◈ Menu Order System:
In this Pizza Ordering System, the user can place any order from the main menu. The main menu contains different kinds of pizza sizes, toppings, (you can even add more toppings depending on your taste), crust, drinks and many more. Once, the user has placed his order/s he can check his order list for confirmation and proceed to payments.
◈ Order Confirmation & Payment:
In the payment section, the user has to provide the necessary details of the customers by filling up all the required fields such as first name, last name, and address, Postal Code, Province, Contact Details, and Email. The user has to also provide payment information that includes Payment Method, Card Number, and the amount paid by the customer. It is important that you enter all the required details here.
◈ Payment Method:
In the payment method of this Pizza Ordering System customer can select if he wants to pay in cash, debit, or credit card.



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